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2014 News GoTouch will transform your Big Screen into a Whiteboard

27 Oct 2017
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If you grew up before the year 2000 rolled around, there is a good chance you used chalkboards in schools. Whiteboards have replaced them over time, which in turn gave way to projectors and other types of technology. The GoTouch is a Whiteboard for the new age, and it’s something to check out if you enjoy cool crowdfunded tech.

The GoTouch is billed as a product that will turn an ordinary TV into an interactive Whiteboard. It’s a type of tech that’s been used in Korea for over a year and is something that will be of interest to schools, businesses, and folks that just like to doodle. The gadget uses an Ultra 4K HD camera that runs at 100 frames per second to track light to the GoTouch Pen. This ensures there will be no lag when you draw or write on your big screen, which means it should feel natural like a regular Whiteboard.